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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post by Exhera on Sun Aug 23, 2015 8:30 pm


Every forum needs its rules, and here are the rules of this forum.

  • Do not spam-post. Repetition of posts is not tolerated. Advertisement is also not tolerated.
  • Be nice. Don't say something like 'u suck' or 'get off this forum, idiot'. If it's playful, fine. If it goes to far, the popo will be after you.
  • No explicit content whatsoever. Nopety nope nope nope.
  • Don't post in all caps for topic titles. It's just annoying and ugly.
  • Vulgar language, not good. Just don't.
  • Put big pictures in spoilers. Nobody want's an enormous image to hog their entire screen.
  • Use imgur or tinypic for images. More of a suggestion, those are just the big ones that Stealium requested I put.

Failure to abide to the rules is bad. Obey the rules.

  • Spam-posting 3 times is a ban for a week, and the content is removed.
  • Continual rude behavior is a ban for a month. If you keep doing it, you'll get banned.
  • Explicit content is a permanent ban and deletion of the content. Very, very bad.
  • Caps in topic title will be edited and then the person is given a reminder. Not a terrible crime, but still a crime.
  • Vulgar language is a warning. If the language is sexual, a day-ban. Sexual content is extremely terrible here.
  • Big pictures are edited and then the person is given reminder.

Have a wonderful day.

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